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First Truck

In 1967, four friends (former drivers of the Company Salfras from Gandía) decided to try their luck at setting up a company of international land transport. They called it Transportes Caudete in honour of their place of birth and residence.

With an open and integrating spirit and plenty of desire to succeed, they offered some other self-employees drivers the possibility of sharing this adventure with them in the world of business, joining them on getting through the contribution of their international licences and lorries access to the T.I.R. system.

With huge sacrifice and working hard, by means of reinvesting the scarce resources that they generated, they finally got to create and develop with time a powerful company of national and international transport, one of the most responsible and well-known in our country.

Today the company is a standard reference in the area of transport. The firm has got the respect of customers and cooperators by means of an efficient management and a deep sense of responsibility in all the services offered.

Its stockholders are many and in different proportions, what implies a crystal clear management and an important and respetable, local, provincial and regional asset.

For a small village like Caudete, the company has been and still is without any doubt, an essential social good and a rare example of how their founders knew how to take a small association of drivers (where the owners accepted without complaining about becoming self-employees) and turned into accompany which is among the best in its field at home and abroad.

All of them continue to be the financial supporters of the firm with the same critical sense and eager to fight in order to carry on with this enterprising adventure, which is a permanent source of social and economic wealth.

October 2013. Transportes Caudete renews 35 vehicles in its fleet