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European Company in temperature controlled transport

Transportes Caudete offers refrigerated transport and general cargo from Europe to all areas of Spain.

Company Details

Telephone : +34 965 82 82 82
Fax: +34 965 82 62 69

Carretera Estación, s/n
Apdo. de Correos: 24 – CP:02660
Caudete (Albacete) – España / Spain

National Routes

International Routes

We have the most modern fleet


  • 128 IVECO, MERCEDES and MAN lorries, all EURO V+EEV. Acquired in 2012 (3 u.) and 2013 (125 u.)
  • 120 MIROFRET and SOR Refrigerated Trailers, equipped with the latest THERMOKING equipment.
  • 8 non-refrigerated trailers.

Completely renovated in 2013

We have solutions to all your transportation needs

Refrigerator trucks specialized in the transport of fruit and vegetables to Europe.


Recent news

La Sexta News’ interview with Transportes Caudete about illegal immigration

Last Saturday 29th August the Spanish television channel La Sexta broadcasted a report about illegal immigration crisis in France and England, titled “the immigration crisis has also consequences for the Spanish truckers”. The report, which was shot at Transportes Caudete main offices, shows various interviews with some of its workers. Transportes Caudete driver Antonio Esaú  Seguir Leyendo

Transportes Caudete, recognized at the IRU Awards for Top Road Transport Managers.

Transportes Caudete chief executive D. Pedro Conejero has recently been distincted with the IRU Award for Top Road Transport Managers. This recognition, that was awarded at the 2012 edition, has been received in the form of a an IRU diploma on behalf of the IRU President, Janusz Lacny, “in recognition of his wide professional experience and specific achievements” as  Seguir Leyendo